Lubenice, the location for all divers categories, at 5 - 40 m, with the canyon, terraces and a beautiful wall that is rich in life lies at the footer of the old town of Watermelons, which is located at a height of 400 m above sea, it is over 2000 years old, and, believe it or not, have population of 6 people over the winter that are all older than 60 years

Lina is a merchant ship wreck sunk in 1917. Considered asone of the best wrecks in Adriatic and more. Near is a wall on which one can make deep stops, decos and can finish the dive great. Near the coast there is also a small cave at 3m.

The LINA was build first named VILLE DE NAMOUR 1879 in Newcastle upon Tyne, Great Britain. She was 70m long, 9m wide with 1049 BRT.
On the 14th of January 1914 she lost one's bearing caused by heavy fog, struck the rocky cost of Cres Island and sunk quickly.